Metabox Aer-X V560TNE - 16", i7 CPU, RTX 4070 8GB GPU

Aer-X V560TNE-06-24
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Gaming laptop

Metabox laptop notebook

Metabox EOFY Sale 2024

No Operating System

(Windows 11 Home or Pro option)

16 inch QHD+ 240Hz, Ultra 7 155H 16-Core CPU, RTX 4070 8GB GPU, 32GB RAM (RAM upgrade option), 1TB SSD (SSD upgrade options)

Model Number

Metabox Aer-X V560TNE

Free Air Delivery

(Sent out from Perth)

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 with 8GB GDDR6 Studio graphics

The Aer-X has been engineered with NVIDIA's Professional-Grade "STUDIO", which has separately gone through a unique factory calibration to output faster rendering performance within industry-leading programs such as Maya or Davinci Resolve, delivering better performance under a comparative load against regular RTX graphics engines without STUDIO certification.

14th Gen Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 Processor 155H 16-Core

The Aer-X is a distinct blend of compactness, lightweight, and incredible power, redefining the ultra-compact, high-powered notebook. At its processing core, Intel's remarkable all-new Ultra 7 155H CPU is seamlessly integrated with a power curve specially calibrated in the Aer-X to deliver ultra-stable and uncompromising high-end CPU performance. This versatility defies its wonderfully compact form. This groundbreaking advancement in mobile computational performance makes the Aer-X a competitive desktop replacement, an incredible feat given its remarkably compact form. It is the ultimate device for the ever-on-the-go user who brings high-end computing wherever their diverse journey takes them.

Pick, Customise and Transform

Most of the upgradeable major hardware components on each and every one of these laptops can be customised. More importantly, the power is in your hands to pick, customise and transform your Metabox into the ultimate laptop you've always wanted. It's laptop tailoring of the very highest standard. is in your hands to pick, customise and transform your Metabox into the ultimate laptop you've always wanted.

Build time for your custom built laptop

When your order is approved to submit through to Metabox you need to allow 3 to 5 business days (up to 1 week) for your order to go through the build queue and be fully built up and tested prior to your order being ready.

Delivery - free insured delivery

Item is sent direct to you by insured delivery by road or Air Express from Metabox in Perth WA. Option for pick up through checkout from wholesaler in Perth WA.

Return Policy

We accept returns for defective/faulty products within 14 days of receiving your item. Your item is picked up free of charge and returned to the manufacturer's service centre in Australia for assessment. An exchange/replacement or a refund is given once declared faulty by the manufacturer. For more information please go to our Terms page.

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